The particularities of written and verbal communication are important aspects related to the physiology of language, which are achieved through a new volume of information; therefore the physician must be constantly attentive but also in contact with the large quantity of information put at his disposal (presentations, specialisations, courses).

In order for a clinic to be effective it is necessary that every branch to have a constantly informed specialist, because the dental aesthetics include a range of treatments in different areas, having as purpose the improvement of the individual’s dentition, hence the name of interdisciplinary therapy. In order to have a better understanding of this subject, we will make an analogy between an orchestra and the clinic: as in any field, there must be a "bandmaster" of that group who coordinates the entire sonata and who has to know the entire score, and its performance. This helps the members of the orchestra to understand the therapies (whitening therapy, occlusal therapy, orthodontic and endodontic therapy, implant-surgery therapy, periodontal therapy), as well as their performance. These are performed by a series of instrumental performers of the symphony: those who deal with blowing instruments, they appear in different layouts, depending on the age, space and repertoire (for example: the prosthetists who have developed the way to perform the treatments, such as: whitening, occlusal therapy, because of the development of technology, these cannot be performed without an efficient laboratory). The orchestra’s foundation is represented by classical violinists, who are organized in parties (whose members sing unanimously), highlighting the high notes, giving the colour of the score (for example: surgeons and implantologists giving sparkle to teeth), the melodious and enchanting piano which reduces the grave sound and brings it almost at the same height as the string and arc instrument (for example the orthodontists), as well as the accompaniment, which gives an addition of colour and grace to the orchestra, without which it would have the same sound (for example the nurses). Only one is missing and the whole song cannot be performed.

Properly distributed teamwork represents a well-done job!