With over 20 years of experience in the field of dental medical services, Dentart Clinic combines the quality of services, up-to-date technology and the extremely competent medical personnel in one of the best clinics in this field, in Romania.

Benefiting from the experience of Dr. Calin Iacob Tataru, the Dentart Clinic has succeeded in raising the qualitative standards in the field, transforming an ordinary visit to the dental practioner into a real experience. Located in an avant-garde style building, the clinic offers a modern atmosphere. The patients can have their pulse checked by the clinic's staff in the reception or customer care area, where they can find answers or solutions to their medical problems. They will also be able to find any digital information regarding their medical history at the clinic. There are two waiting rooms specifically adapted for the patients’ comfort provide access to offices of the medical personnel. During the brief period, patients can access, Wi-Fi, TV documentaries as well as reading materials, all contributing to their physical and mental relaxation.

Behind the closed doors of medical offices and laboratories, we find an advanced medical technology leading to the trends in the field of 2019. The latest technology is used both for patients’ treatment as well as for the  personnel in the radiology and dental ceramic fabrication laboratory. Due to the modern technology, the medical personnel have access to the medical history of all patients in digital format, in every room of the clinic.

The conference room located at the ground floor of the clinic is technologically equipped with the latest equipment, as well. Over the years, the conferences organized by Dr. Calin Iacob Tataru and the clinic’s personnel have had tremedous success and resulted in a series of collaborations at a national level among renowned doctors.