Oral surgery treats diseases which are no longer the domain of treatment of the general practitioner.
Oral and maxillo - facial surgery includes the surgical treatment of soft cervical - facial parts, visceral cranium bones, salivary glands, temporo-mandibular joint, cranio - facial deformities and malformations, oral and maxillo - facial reconstructive plastic surgery and surgical treatment of dental - periodontal diseases.

The apical resection represents the removal of periradicular granulomas / cysts. This can be performed after an accurately endodontic treatment previously made or the endodontic treatment of the tooth is performed during a surgery.

Impacted teeth extraction – Surgical exposure of impacted teeth for their alignment on the dental arcade:

The surgery of soft and connective tissues – includes works of gingivoplasty, gummy smile correction, treatment of gingival recessions, periodontal curettage in close / open scaling, alveoloplasty, bone augmentation.
Bone augmentation - the necessary work in order to correct some bone defects resulting from traumas, extensive periodontal processes, iatrogenesis, obtaining sufficient dimensions of the alveolar ridges in order to insert the implants.

Sinus lift - bone augmentation work in the maxillary lateral area in order to obtain a sufficient height required for the insertion of the dental implants.

Correction of temporo-mandibular joint dysfunctions - by correcting the contact between the teeth / arcades and restoring the normal occlusal vertical dimension.

Treatment of partial / total edentation with implants.